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Alliance & Leicester is one of the major financial service groups, and has a long-standing history in UK. It offers a broad range of financial services to personal and commercial customers throughout UK, with wide array of branches, online, and ATM services. The company has the registered office at Narborough, Leicester.

The Alliance & Leicester Group has a long history, and dates to 1852 with the formation of the Leicester Permanent Benefit Society. There had been many significant events and achievements for the company, and very recently the company bagged their 3rd consecutive Business Banking Current Account Provider award by Business Moneyfacts.

Alliance & Leicester offers systematic approach to both individual and business customers—there are separate products and services for both type of customers catering to specific needs and requirements.

Loans offered by Alliance & Leicester

Alliance & Leicester offers personal loans to its individual customers for the repayment period of up to 5 years. The company also provides loan payment protection facility, which provides cover for the inability of the borrower to repay the loan in conditions of accident, sickness, and unemployment.

The company also provides financing facilities to business customers. It provides funding services to business centres, corporate sectors, and for public sector and charity work. They have different set of terms and conditions for each type of funding to different type of business activities.

The main objective of business financing facilities provided by Alliance & Leicester is oriented for some of the following points:

• To provide solutions for short-term funding needs.
• To sustain and grow the business—oriented for a longer period of time.
• To provide financing for moving and expanding the business with the help of a commercial mortgage.
• To provide speed to the cash-flow of the company by providing financing with invoice finance.

It is clear from the range of products and facilities that Alliance & Leicester has got a technology-based think-bench in their management, who is apt in formulating the strategies and creating various services, which perfectly suit the needs of their customers.

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