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Central Capital is part of Central Trust PLC Group, which started its operation in 1987. Though the company is still a family run business, it employs more than 450 staff members—a closely knit unit offering quality products to its customers. No wonder that Central Trust PLC has been recognised by both the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Times newspaper as one of the fastest growing companies in the UK, which gives ample proof of their expertise and specialisation in satisfying the customer!

As a privately and independently owned company, Central Capital strives hard to provide tailor made products that suit the individual needs of their customers. They offer more than 100 products of highly ranked banks and financial institutions, and the customer is offered the products according to their financial state and requirements—there are no hard-liners, and even if you choose to cancel a product, there is no fee involved in it!

Loans offered by Central Capital

Central Capital offers personal loans, commercial loans, and loans even for tenants! –they offer complete packages of products from which customers from different walks of life can choose the best one.

Central Capital offers loans to its customers for debt consolidation, car loans, home improvement, holiday loan, wedding loan, and what not—there is a loan for every possible and legitimate need of their customers! However, some of the customers feel that they can’t take the loan due to bad credit history or the likes, but Central Capital strives hard to extend their services to such customers also, which have:

• Bad credit history
• CCJ's or Mortgage arrears
• Poor credit history
• No Equity or Negative Equity
• Self certification
• No proof income
• Self employed

It can be well gauged that if you are interested in taking loan, Central Capital proves to be the centre where you should focus your attention and all your efforts!


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