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Liverpool Victoria is one of the UK's leading financial services companies, located in Bournemouth. Liverpool Victoria is the largest friendly society of UK, and they have a very committed and deep faith of the customers and members of Liverpool Victoria Group.

The company offers wide range of financial products to keep its popularity and to cater to the needs of members and customers in the present scenario: savings, investments, life insurance, home and motor insurance, asset management, banking, and financial advice, etc., are some of them.

In 1998, Liverpool Victoria also became involved in one of the most sophisticated and premier tool for Bournemouth residents—Streetwise! Streetwise serves as the partnership of emergency services, local authorities, and business community, in which Liverpool Victoria added a new flavour by offering the products it has at its disposal.

Loans offered by Liverpool Victoria

Liverpool Victoria offers personal loans and the facility of credit cards to its customers. Personal loans have specific terms and conditions that can be found online or the company can be asked to provide the literature through printed material and audio system also. The repayment time can be set according to the individual needs and requirements of the customers, and they also provide a loan calculator to know about the repayment amount that you will need to pay every time!

Liverpool Victoria also offers repayment deferring scheme which allows the customers to start their repayment after 3 months of sanctioning of the loan; however, it will have the interest levied on it, which will be paid by the customer.

One of the special features of personal loans offered by Liverpool Victoria is the Payment Protection Insurance, which provides the payment to you after 15 days of the happening. This cover includes disability or critical illness. The partner of the covered person also gets benefits of free critical illness and life cover. This really makes personal loan offered by Liverpool Victoria one of its kind!


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