What happens to my Application?

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What happens to my online application?

Well quite alot actually. As soon as you have filled in the completed form over our totally secure server, the application goes to one of our partners. They pass the application to their underwriters who place the deal with the lender that can provide them the cheapest rate.

This sounds simple enough but the underwriter will need to look at the anwsers on your application and use such criteria as credit score, income levels and property valuation.

Remember all our loans are secured loans and therefore you will have to be a homeowner.

You will then be contacted same day by one of the LoanOptions advisors that will run through the details of the loan. The amount, term, insurance, what happens next, info about the lender.

Your application then goes to the processing department where all the items required to complete the loan are collated.

Items will be required such as payslips, passports and then any additional info from 3rd parties such as mortgage reference, valuation

The collated application then goes to lender where they payout same day it is received and then cheque or TT is sent to you.


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