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Promise Finance Ltd. is a subsidiary of Promise Solutions Ltd., and is based in Wolverhampton, UK. It was started in June, 2003, and now employs around 200 employees catering to the increasing demand of customers. The company was formerly known as Purple3, which meant the intermediary division of Purple Loans, part of Midland & General Direct. However, the Promise Finance was formed on 1st August, 2003 and taken into private ownership at that time. Promise Finance is famous to provide personal loans to suit their clients, which may have particular and specific needs fitting to their own style—the company provides traditional values in finance with excellent customer service, which is amply backed up by the latest technology!

Loans Provided by Promise Finance

Promise Finance offers mainly four types of loans to its customers:

• Personal Loans

Personal loans offered by Promise Finance can either be secured or unsecured, but the option depends mainly on the borrower’s ability to repay the finance.

• Home Owner Loans

Promise Finance allows the home owners to take loan if they do not want to sell their home. However, this product is not that easy, as if the borrower is not able to repay the loan, the home is at potential risk—so make it doubly sure that you will be able to repay it, before you initiate any talk with the company.

• Debt Consolidation Loans

Promise Finance also provides debt consolidation loans, which allows its customers to lower their outgoings and making the loan a little longer in repayment period.

• Secured Loans

Secured loans provided by Promise Finance, as usual, are for homeowners only! This involves the home of the borrower for collateral—this product is strictly suitable for people who are sure that they will be able repay their loan, anyhow!

The option of early settlement for the loan is also provided by Promise Finance; however, there are different conditions for it—Consumer Credit Act 1974 is applicable and where not, there may be some fee involved for the early settlement.


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