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A Secured Loan company is normally a lending finance house, financial instituion or a bank. Most secured lenders are not normally present on the high street or if they are they have different brand names which you probably have not heard of.

Secured Loan companies will lend you money against the security of your property upto a maximium in some case of 130% of your home's current value.

So a secured loan company could lend you upto 30% MORE than your house is worth. Simply put , if your property is worth £100,000 and you have £50,000 left to pay on the mortgage you could borrow up to £80,000 in a secured loan

Please note these figures are guidelines and for informative purposes only.

Secured Loan Companies in the UK

As a Loan broker, we are able to approach all these secured loan companies on your behalf. We have worked with these companies over the years and have come to understand what cases they will accept and which we are best to find another home with.

For you this means we get you the best secured loan rate and deal possible. It also means we are saving time and effort and get you the loan you need quickly.

UK Secured Loan Companies

Abbey National
Alliance & Leicester
Amber Home Loans
Bank of Ireland Mortgages,
Bank of Scotland Mortgages
Bradford & Bingley,
Bristol & West
Chelsea Building Society
Cheltenham and Gloucester
First National Mortgages Ltd
Future Mortgages Ltd
I Group Ltd
Kensington Mortgage Company
Mortgage Express
Northern Rock
Paragon Mortgages
Platform HomeLoans
Royal Bank of Scotland
Scottish Building Society
Scottish Widows
Skipton Building Society
Southern Pacific Mortgages Ltd (SPML)
UCB Homeloans


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